Sunday, June 1, 2014


Took my new Front row shop triangle bag out today! It's unusual shape attracts my friends so much they really ask "why is it triangle?"  

"And I was enchanted to meet you!" It's my favourite line from my favourite Taylor Swift song and been listening to it since yesterday. I really love everything whimsical, magical or dreamy. And she gives that kind of vibe thru her songs. Coincidentally, Tswift is also here in Tokyo! Too bad, I can't watch her concert in Saitama.. But someday, I will. Also, I got sick this weekend and felt really bad about not being able to visit the last day of Shibazakura (pink moss phlox) in Shizuoka. Fortunately I quickly recovered from it to face the beautiful month of June. This month, let's all free ourselves from the past and move forward. 

Again, I will say it again JUNE, "I was enchanted to meet you!" Find out why soon! I will post it via this hashtag #AshleyJune2014 

Photos by Kiko


Sherry Chan said...

your bag is so unique!